Taos Talks – A Conversation About the Third Eye and Other Chakras

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Apr 152015
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See complete transcript below:

Greeting friends,

I received a comment recently on my “Awaken Your Third Eye” video, by far my most popular video on my channel. There are several common threads in the comments of what people are seeing and experiencing, but this one stood out. The commenter said “To awaken third eye yogis struggle for years and some for a lifetime. I don’t think we can open the third eye in five minutes.”

First off, let me say that I totally understand what he is saying. I understand the work that many put in to finding this place of enlightenment. But, as you will see, there are other ways to reach that place.

A wise man, as he does seem to be, must also recognize that some people, average people, some seeking, some not, reach it in a single moment of enlightenment brought on by many different things; trauma (due to a death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, an accident, a long period spent in depression, an underlying battle with the ego that perhaps the person is not even aware they are going through, certain drugs or other external stimuli). Also extreme elation (those first moments of falling in love, seeing a child born, and much more). But also, and most importantly in this case, music. Music is the single most powerful magic in the universe. Music, on the simplest levels can alter your perception of a moment, can transport you in time to buried memories and let you experience that moment again, affect your emotions and moods, and on a deeper level, it can, because of vibrational frequencies, affect your entire body and Chakras, and, your mind, down to a cellular level.

What we must all understand is that when we get here, even before birth, our Third Eye is totally open, and we have access to that most ancient being that we truly are. Life, possibly before we are even born because of events in our mother’s life, can start to build the wall between the us we are becoming, and the us that we were before life started encoding data into us; through our eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, etc.. In other words, our brain’s input devices. Basically the nurture or enculturation into our current environment starts to override our nature or soul. In the development of our survival mechanism, our inner self slowly gets buried beneath the ego. Until one day we look up and there is no longer a clear path to that inner self, that soul, because the path becomes overgrown.

Also, theoretically, the pineal gland or Third Eye, becomes calcified with chemicals like fluoride, and others that are in our water, the food we eat, etc.. But again, music… I will use the modern DSLR camera as an example. Inside of the camera, there is a sensor that the lens sends the image to, just like it did with film cameras. The problem with the new technology is that the sensor stays in the camera, unlike film, and over time it gets tiny particles of dust and other calcified objects stuck to it, slowly but surely covering the sensor with a heavier and heavier coating that leaves tiny spots on the images. And if left untouched, will eventually, more and more, dull the images until everything looks flatter and less sharp. And if continued to not be dealt with, eventually the image will not be visible at all. So, the camera manufacturers had to come up with a fix, a solution, for this and guess what they came up with? Vibrational frequencies. Just like with music, the vibrations dislodge anything that is on or stuck to the sensor, allowing it to simply fall away. Any of us who use the modern DSLR cameras have probably noticed when you turn your camera on and off, you get a message on the monitor that says “sensor cleaning.” That is what it is doing; sending an ultra high frequency vibration to the surface of the sensor, and any foreign materials or objects, regardless of how minute, simply vibrate loose and fall away.

Regardless of the “theoretical” ideas of foreign matter such as fluoride calcifying and building up on the pineal gland, we must keep in mind the pineal gland, the Third Eye itself, functions, like all other parts of our body, at certain frequencies, and in the world we live in, frequencies attack us from every direction; the drone of the city itself, the television, the radio. And these are just the ones we can hear. Look no farther than a radio station. Radio signals are transmitted at ultra high frequencies, with super powered amplifiers. When you hear the DJ say, “KNMU, 98.6, coming to you with one million watts of power,” what he is saying is that the radio signals are being sent out into the atmosphere (that we live in) on a frequency level o f 98.6 mega (million) hertz (cycles per second). We have a hearing range of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz (that varies from person to person based on age and other factors). Naturally we cannot hear the radio signals at those ultra high frequencies, so our radios convert those frequencies down to a range (between 20 hz and 20k hz) that we can hear. But the frequencies/vibrations still exist in the atmosphere around us whether we hear them or not, they are still there. And, remember the one million watts of power? Consider this, the average musician on a stage or in a studio… let’s say guitar player, is using an amplifier that puts anywhere from 60 watts to 200 watts. Sixty watts is loud when cranked up all the way. Two hundred watts is REALLY loud when cranked up all the way. So, think about the power of one million watts. If, and that is a big “if,” the frequency range of the one million watt amp was lower, especially in our hearing range (20 to 20k hz), it would not only blow out our ear drums, it would probably, literally kill us. It would blow walls and windows out of buildings, etc., and probably destroy everything in its path. Have you ever stood close to a PA system at a concert, so close that you can feel the booming vibrations from the speakers? Generally speaking, those PA speakers are only putting out 500 watts. Imagine the power of one million watts, if it were coming at you at the same frequency range that you can hear.

Point being, these ultra high frequencies are bombarding us daily, not just from one radio stations, but from many radio stations, TV stations (that still broadcast analog signals), satellites, etc., at many different ranges in the ultra high frequencies. Naturally, we can’t feel those frequencies, lucky for us, but they are there, all around us, and they do affect our body’s frequencies on many levels. To understand this, I made a video a while back, using a guitar to demonstrate how the frequencies affect each other. In the video I used harmonics of let’s say the note A (440 cycles per second) to show the affect of the two different 440 hz waves and how they interacted with each other. I first demonstrated that when totally in tune with each other, the sound we hear is smooth and simply an A note. But, by lowering (detuning) one of the notes while they are both vibrating, you start to hear a fluctuation, the sounds fall out of sync. And the farther you detune one of the note, whether flatter or sharper, the more out of sync they become. And the most interesting thing is the resonance. As they fall farther out of sync with each other, they (the frequencies) start to fight against each other and the notes fade away much faster. Versus if they are in sync, in harmony with each other, then they resonate much longer.

Our bodies work/function on many frequency levels, all closely in tune with each other, including cellular and Chakra levels at certain frequencies, and if those frequencies are in harmony with each other, then we “resonate” with more fluidity. But if they are out of sync with each other, then our bodies are, on many levels, not functioning at their peak, which can cause all kinds of problems, on a spiritual level, a health level. In nature, the forests, the desert, near water flowing, birds chirping, a gentle breeze blowing, etc., our bodies, being natural parts of the world around us can vibrate in sync with nature, and we are not faced with these issues. But, in the world we live in, traffic, chaos, radio station frequencies, satellite frequencies, our bodies simple cannot function at their natural frequencies, and in trying to do so, they have to literally fight to try to regain balance. And, as you can imagine, it is an ongoing battle, and just cannot be won. But, if you surround yourself with the subtle frequencies that our bodies exist at, in nature, or in music (remember, the most powerful magic in the universe), then you are helping your body to find that synchronicity that it struggles to achieve. That, my friends, is the goal of my music.

So, back to the original point, the pineal gland or Third Eye, like everything else in nature, and the body itself, vibrates at a certain frequency, and if we can help that frequency find synchronicity, help it using the harmonics I spoke of earlier, then it, can function at the “note” it is striving to function at, it can come into “tune” with that note from the external place (music), and function at its peak. Not to mention, again, help vibrate the “dust” from it, the calcification. Then, it is humming along at the level it is supposed to be at, in harmony with the rest of the body, and with nature herself. And that again is the goal of my music; to create a beautiful soundscape experience while vibrating the Chakras, including the brow Chakra/Third Eye/pineal gland, at the frequency it strives for and needs. Naturally our bodies are totally capable of doing this for themselves, but in this current world we live in, detached from the natural world, it all needs all the help it can get.

As far the visuals in the Awaken Your Third Eye video, they are similar to the Rorschach or Inkblot test, and simply allow you to see what rubble exist between you and your Third Eye, your pineal gland, the rubble that as I mentioned earlier starts to build up in you when you first get here to this life due to the enculturation from the environment you exist in. And in most of our cases, that environment is filled with total chaos. Everything from religious enculturation (ex: gods, demons, etc.), to a constant barrage of media transcending into our subconscious brain. A subconscious brain that is a very necessary tool in nature, but in this chaotic world, just fills deeper and deeper with clutter that slowly over time builds a monstrous wall between us and that deep inner self/portal, the Third Eye, and separates us from that infinite universe that is a part of us, and that we are a part of. And that in nature, we are connected with and more in sync with.

And, as I said in the beginning, there are things, occurrences, stimuli, etc., that can cause that wall to crumble down, that veil to open, and allow us to once again glimpse that portal, and perhaps pass through it to once again reach “Nirvana,” “Heaven,” or whatever we call that place, based on our individual enculturation. As wise people come to know, those places, Nirvana, Heaven, etc., are not out there somewhere in the sky, but right here, right now. And all we have to do is tear down the wall, and we can become a part of that one again. That, again, is the goal of my music and visuals, to help us all find our way back to that place that is a totally natural part of us. And yes, we can spend a lifetime seeking it, and many do. But if we can find that synchronicity, that in tune-ness, that harmonic place with nature, then we can achieve it in a moment, a single moment. And no, It does not even take five minutes, it can happen in a blink of an eye… or should I say, in the blink of the Third Eye.

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